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Special experiences for special occasions

The picnic - that wonderful, old tradition, that was so popular in Great Britain and France, with our own modern interpretation.

Aside from themed picnics for special occasions or with a special purpose in mind, we can also add a picnic to any existing event as well. Enjoying the great outdoors together can add that special something to your dream wedding, family- or corporate functions. When doing a workshop, the picnic is a great alternative for your down time, or as part of a team building exercise. Holiday makers can sweeten their time here with a picnic in the Helenental valley.

When you’ve booked a picnic, the picnic baskets, filled with seasonal delicacies, are available for use throughout the duration of your stay. They can also be bought in the hotel shop.

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21st April 2019

Easter Picnic on Easter Sunday

panoramic terrace

12th May 2019

Mother's Day Picnic


A special event for a special occasion: Enjoy the culinary delights from our buffet, followed by a picnic in the Spirit Park with one of our picnic baskets, filled with all the right goodies for your occasion. The baskets are available to you for the duration of your stay. They are also for sale in the hotel shop


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Accompanied by a picnic basket filled with culinary delights from our buffet to match the theme.

21th April 2019 – Easter Picnic on Easter Sunday

With alphorn musicians Beny Lüthy and one glas of sparkling wine


12th May 2019 – Mother’s Day Picnic 

With wine tasting and a “Gugelhupf”


4th July 2019 – Whodunit Picnic

With a thrilling detective story about a slaughterhouse, and a bottle of Prosecco


15th August 2019 – Full Moon Picnic

With stories and myths about the full moon and a bottle of wine


9th September 2019 – Storytime Picnic

With gruesome stories around Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


26th October 2019 – Thanksgiving Picnic

With wine tasting, hunting horn blowers, marone, fermented grape juice and Thanksgiving treats, 

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Picnic for conferences

dessert outdoors

Dessert outdoors

A special experience for your event

Spirit Park campfire


Picnic cooking course

Picnic for conferences and events

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience with a picnic.


Perhaps you can surprise your wedding guests with a shared meal on our lawns, turn your family celebration into an outdoor picnic, or perhaps you would like to share your dessert outdoors in the Spirit Park as part of your company retreat.

Our picnics also make a great addition to any conference. Bolster the day’s insights with a well earned picnic during your recess, or strengthen your team’s bond by putting together your own picnic baskets - a cooking course worth remembering.

Spirit Park and hotel
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Picnic for holiday makers

Sweeten your vacation time with a romantic picnic in the most scenic parts of the Helenental valley.


Enjoy the outdoors together - perhaps in an idyllic forest clearing, at the edge of the river or at one of the many spiritual places in the surrounding landscape. You can also find your own little picnic spot along one of the many hiking and biking trails, if you so please. E-bikes, mountain bikes and Nordic walking sticks are all available at our reception.If you like, you can of course enjoy your picnic in our very own Spirit Park as well.