green meeting outdoor seminar at greek Schwechat

Benefits for conference instructors

We’ll make it as simple as possible for you!

indoor swimming pool with sauna and gym


Bathrobe in your room

hotel entrance


Instructor parking spaces right next to the entrance

preparing seminar

Conference Support

Let us know what you need!

Only under ideal conditions for all conference participants and trainers will you achieve your desired outcomes. Because of this, we use our facilities and expertise to make sure that your conference runs as smoothly as possible. 

Our streamlined procedures, restaurant and well-equipped premises - these are all tailored to you as the instructor. We know as well as you do that every conference group has different needs and wants, and you need to be able to adapt to each individual situation. We are very flexible and we are here to help. Let us know what it is that you may need.

Conference instructor bonus

We offer you, the instructor, the following:

  • Optimised conference support
  • Instructor parking spaces right next to the entrance
  • Bathrobe in your room