Wald.Yoga in the hotel's own forest

Waldness near Vienna

Experience the Vienna Woods with all your senses at the first Waldness® host in Lower Austria. A real treat for body, mind and soul.

Experience the Vienna Woods

with all your senses

New experiences


Relax in a natural setting

Regain strength

and let the forest work

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Surrounded by the wild and romantic Helenental in the Vienna Woods Biosphere Park - these are ideal conditions for us as the first WALDNESS® hosts in Lower Austria.


It has always been important to us that the positive effects of nature are clearly noticeable in our hotel. With WALDNESS® we are now taking the next logical step. We invite you on a nature-loving journey of discovery in the Vienna Woods – soothing and stress-relieving with proven positive effects on health and mind – and thus bring nature closer to our guests than ever.

Our WALDNESS® activities:

  • Wald.Pedagogy and Wald.Bathing in the Vienna Woods with professional forest adventure educators realized through the partnership with the Austrian Federal Forests
  • Wald.Kneipp in the Schwechat brook directly adjacent to the hotel area
  • Wald.Yoga in our own forest
  • Wald.Tasting in the modern buffet restaurant with panoramic terrace, winter garden and fireplace bar lounge or as a Wald.Picnic
  • Sauna with spruce infusion

WALDNESS® as an incentive or supporting program

For seminars, events and groups

[Translate to English:] Wegert im Helenental


Fascination of the Vienna Woods! Let yourself be inspired by a guided tour through this natural jewel. The tours are conducted by professional forest adventure educators. Details and appointment by appointment.


Forest activities for seminars, events and groups:

Walk in the forest on the topics of mindfulness or activity

Mindfulness: Experience nature with all your senses on a guided WALDNESS walk and regenerate while bathing in the forest air. Participants learn the art of mindfulness through the power of the forest. Nowhere is it easier to slow down than in the forest.

Activity: Start an exercise-oriented walk in the forest together. This offer is particularly helpful after sitting for a long time or when the participants' heads are spinning. You get back into action and get in touch with your body. Active games in nature encourage this.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from the two topics for your forest walk. The programs also contribute to team building.

Costs for a maximum of 15 participants:

  • EUR 440 plus 20% VAT per group for 1.5 hours
  • EUR 520 plus 20% VAT per group for 2 hours
  • EUR 640 plus 20% VAT per group for 3 hours
  • From 16 – 20 people: EUR 150 surcharge plus 20% VAT.
  • Over 20 people by individual arrangement


Waldness night hike

Experience an exciting journey of discovery on a hike at night. Perceive nature more intensively, experience the beauty of darkness and sharpen your senses. The night hike is peppered with a task that promotes teamwork and the opportunity to also go on solo walks.

Costs for a maximum of 20 participants:

  • EUR 650 plus 20% VAT per group for 1.5 hours
  • Over 20 participants by arrangement


Perceive nature with all your senses, rediscover the new and the familiar.

At the beginning, choose a natural souvenir that will later remind you of your trip or look out for an object that will accompany you on your hike and that you will then release back into nature.

Sharpen your senses for your own body and the nature that surrounds you.

  • See: Walk carefully through nature or the forest, consciously take breaks. Which trees, plants and animals can be discovered?
  • Hear: Rest your hearing by listening to other sounds by immersing yourself in the forest. Over time you will be able to focus on individual sounds. Lean against a tree, close your eyes and listen.
  • Feel: The skin is our largest sensory organ. In addition, we can often remember things better that we have touched ourselves. Run your fingers over blades of grass, touch tree bark, soil, small branches, leaves and much more.
  • Smell: Set your nose to the scent of crushed leaves and needles, breathe in the fresh morning air in the forest, smell the earth. Include your breathing in this experience, too, by breathing in deeply through your nose and exhaling twice as long through your mouth. Over time, breathing changes and becomes deeper, from shallow chest breathing to abdominal breathing.
  • Taste: Use the variety of herbs and edible berries that you can clearly identify for tasting.