Welcome to the Hertzraum!

After 20 years of entrepreneurial activity in our own hotel and intensive spiritual training, we have created the Hertzraum, a place that enables us to work out of our experiences and to accompany people on their heart's path. The Hertzraum is created for people and their well-being - in a pleasant and calm atmosphere it is much easier to let go and engage with yourself.




In the 2 newly furnished practice rooms on the upper floor we offer appointments, coaching, transformation sessions on the inner child as well as spiritual and medial support.

There is a bright and lovingly designed seminar room on the ground floor of the Hertz room, where we hold our own spiritual seminars and discussion groups.

In the Hertzraum we want to enable encounters from heart to heart. With an open heart we radiate love into the world and the world radiates that love back.

Josef und Ute Dietmann



We accompany you to more ease, happiness and freedom in your life!

As a transformation and business coach according to Robert Betz, spiritual companion & hotelier, I will help you:

  • recognize old programs and entanglements and heal them
  • Rediscover your inner child and give it more space in your life
  • to bring more awareness into your life and to take the next steps through coaching
  • to get a deeper understanding of yourself and to develop more mindfulness in everyday life
  • bringing untrue thoughts to consciousness through Byron Kathie's The Work
  • lead a self-determined life and follow your heart (I also like to advise people who have problems with succession and want to break new ground)
  • To accept your high sensitivity as a man and to stand by a new image of men
  • to bring more serenity and joy into your life as an entrepreneur
  • men on relationship issues

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Josef Dietmann 

Transformation coaching, awareness work, spiritual guidance


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As an intuitive coach, medium and spiritual teacher, I will accompany you on your way to more ease and joy in your life.

I am glad to help:

  • People (but especially women) who follow their heart's path & don't want to conform to old pictures
  • All those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives and are looking for change in themselves
  • Women who want to allow themselves to go their own personal feminine way
  • Mothers with their children (especially mothers with highly sensitive children)
  • women on the subject of partnership
  • All people who would like to recognize old programs and entanglements and bring healing to them
  • Clients who are open to media messages & readings
  • People who want to bring more awareness and clarity into their lives
  • Highly sensitive and mediumistic people
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get out of the "always have to do something".
  • Anyone who wants to develop more self-love
  • All people who are interested in working on the inner child

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Ute Dietmann 

    Intuitive coach, media support and transformation wor


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    More about the Hertzraum

    Ambience to arrive, develop, open & let go

    Due to its private location on the 4th floor of the hotel, with a fantastic view of the extensive Helenental, our heart room is the ideal place for personality development and awareness-raising.

    Due to its special Feng Shui furnishings with a selection of natural materials, such as clay ceilings, walls with hemp insulation, naturally treated wood and soy colors in pleasant shades and the large panoramic windows, the seminar room on the ground floor of the Hertzraum offers a comfortable and development-promoting environment for our events and discussion groups . The practice rooms on the first floor are very individual and equipped with harmonious elements.

    After a session in our practice rooms or an event in our seminar room, the panoramic terraces or the hotel's own Spirit Park invite you to retreat to your individual needs.

    READ MORE ABOUT Spirit Park



    Hertz is the physical unit of frequency.

    All life consists of vibrations and every person vibrates in their very personal unique expression, as part of a holistic consciousness.


    With the heart room we open ourselves to this individuality and difference and create space for an appreciative togetherness.