Welcome to the Hertzraum near Vienna

Your place for development, encounters and inner growth in Lower Austria

Bright, inviting atmosphere

in a private location on the top floor

Own break area

witch kitchen


with view of the greenery

More than a seminar room

The Hertzraum is an impulse, a unique place that, with its special energy, offers people an environment that promotes development – just like our 50,000 m2 outdoor Spirit Park. Be inspired by the ambience of the Hertzraum and take advantage of the pleasant and quiet atmosphere and secluded location on the top floor of our hotel. It is a place for encounters and togetherness – ideal for exchange, learning from each other and passing on knowledge.

Now it's time to bring this special place to life. We have sown the seeds for this and prepared the messenger of nourishment.

know. grow. become.

The Hertzraum extends over two levels and offers countless opportunities for sustainably effective seminars, workshops, meetings and retreats.

The lower level houses a bright, lovingly designed seminar room with large glass fronts and direct access to the panoramic terrace. This is ideal for breaks and group work outdoors and offers a wonderful view of the picturesque Helenental.

In front of the seminar room there is a spacious reception and break area with its own kitchen. The rooms can be separated from each other by sliding doors, and toilets are also available on this level.

The upper level also offers two smaller rooms that are currently still being designed but can also be used in the future.

The Hertzraum is particularly suitable for the following events with up to 15 people:

  • Mindfulness seminars and retreats, e.g. with meditation, healing circles, yoga, Qi Gong, singing bowls and much more.
  • Seminars and workshops on topics such as personal development, reflection, introspection
  • Seminars and workshops on the topics of well-being and vitality, especially with a focus on nutrition (own small kitchen in the Hertzraum)
  • Classic business seminars, workshops, meetings in a development-promoting environment
  • Events on sensitive topics, e.g. conflict, crisis and trauma management, mediation, stress management, resilience training and much more
  • Seminars and workshops that require additional space for one-on-one discussions or small group exercises

Are you planning an event with more than 15 people? Use one of our spacious, bright seminar rooms with direct access to the outside. Larger mindfulness workshops and retreats find an ideal setting, especially in the Capra seminar room.


A place to arrive, develop, open & let go

Private location

Our Hertzraum is privately located on the 4th floor of the hotel. Take advantage of this seclusion to work on sensitive topics in an undisturbed, protected environment.

Feng Shui and natural materials

Thanks to its special Feng Shui furnishings with a selection of natural materials, such as clay ceilings, walls with hemp insulation, naturally treated wood and soy colors in pleasant colors and the large panoramic windows, the Hertzraum offers a comfortable and development-promoting environment.

Spatial flexibility

In addition to the bright seminar room, the Hertzraum also houses two other smaller rooms on the upper level. These can be used, for example, for individual discussions, small group exercises, in-depth units or individual applications. Also our Hertzraum partners offer their treatments and sessions here.

Nature inspires!

Amidst the inspiring natural backdrop, the Hertzraum opens doors to new perspectives. The calm atmosphere promotes concentration, allows for deep reflection and creates a space where change can flourish naturally. The time in the Hertzraum can be excellently combined with exercises in our 50,000 m2 Spirit Park to emotionally consolidate what you have learned.


Hertz means the physical unit for frequency.

All life is made of vibration and each person vibrates in their own personal, unique expression, as part of a holistic consciousness.

With the Hertzraum we open ourselves up to this individuality and difference and create space for appreciative togetherness.