Aerial view Spirit Park and Hotel


We work in and with nature

At Seminar- und Eventhotel Krainerhütte we work in and with nature. It is for this exact reason that we take our responsibilities very seriously in maintaining and contributing to a functioning eco-system – whether it’s through our careful management of resources or our care for the environment.

We are proud carriers of the Austrian, as well as the European environmental labels (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen / EU Ecolabel). In the tourism sector, these labels represent sustainable practices. These practices are realised in different areas, such as the setting up of a system of solar panels, as well as the redevelopment of our buildings and existing technologies. Through these measures both our guests and colleagues are part of the act of caring for our environment.

By carrying both these labels, we reinforce our position as a Green-Meeting establishment. This is just another way of displaying our care for the environment and our ongoing efforts to better ourselves.

These ecolabels also signal the use of environmentally friendly products and practices, which help our clientele to make more informed decisions.

green meeting outdoor seminar at creek Schwechat
green meeting outdoor seminar at biotope
aerial view Wienerwald