Spirit Park in the winter

Winter retreat in the Helenental with 2 nights from Fri. – Sun.

2 nights with half board, Swiss cheese fondue and much more.

Experience your winter weekend dream with your winter retreat in Helenental!

With our package with 2 nights - valid Friday to Sunday - you can experience your personal winter fairy tale: culture in Baden and / or Vienna, sport and nature experience in wintry Helenental, relaxation, peace and enjoyment in the modern **** hotel with indoor pool, sauna and much more


  • 2 nights from Friday to Sunday with half board
  • 2x gourmet breakfast buffet from our new design buffet station
  • 1x generous evening buffet on Friday from our new design buffet station
  • 1x original Swiss cheese fondue on Saturday
    • on our terrace with woolen blankets, cherry stone pillows and candlelight
    • You can choose from 40 different fondues (see fondue menu below)
  • Bathrobe included
  • Use of the indoor pool, sauna and Technogym fitness room


The package costs

€ 149, - p.p. for 2 nights in a double room

Children under 4 years free in their parents' room

Children under 14 years of age in their parents' room 50%

Single room surcharge € 25.00 per night.

plus local tax of € 1.60 per person and night

Offer valid from 23.10.2020 - 28.02.2021 subject to availability. Bookable immediately.


Additional offers:

Full body massage – 30 minutes € 38,- or 1 hour € 68,-
Beauty spa treatment € 69,- (duration 1 hour)



40 “feinschti” fondues to choose from

  • We serve fondue for 2 or more people
  • 330 g of original Swiss cheese fondue is served per person with 2 different types of bread (cut into cubes), pearl onions and pickles
  • If you are really hungry, you are welcome to order a fondue supplement


 1) Beer mixing beer with beer instead of wine

 2) Tomatoe refined with tomato paste

 3) Gorgonzola with gorgonzola

 4) Pepper with green pepper 

 5) Dijon with Dijon mustard

 6) Devilishly hot with extra hot peppers

 7) Heavenly light refined with whipped cream

 8) Provencal with Provencal herbs

 9) Red wine with red wine instead of white wine

10) Rosemary refined with rosemary

11) Caraway seeds with caraway seeds

12) Vampire with extra garlic and chilli

13) Chives with chives

14) Thyme with thyme

15) Forest workers with marjoram

16) Tarragon with tarragon

17) Japanese refined with wasabi

18) Hungarian with Hungarian paprika

19) Christmas with cinnamon and gingerbread spices

20) Fig mustard with fig mustard

21) Saffron refined with saffron

22) Fennel with fennel seeds

23) Mints with peppermint strips

24) Eastern Swiss with apple juice instead of wine

25) Chlaus with cinnamon and oranges

26) Spanish with green and black olives

27) Italian refined with parmesan

28) The blue with shot of Blue Curaçao to dye

29) Styrian with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil

30) Chnobli with extra garlic

31) apricots with dried apricots

32) USA with 2cl Jack Daniels

33) English with 2 cl Gordons Gin

TIP 34) Insider tip spicy with lemongrass, fresh ginger and chilli

35) Tyrolean with mountain herbs

36) Zuger with 2 cl Kirsch

37) Texas with BBQ seasoning

38) French with 2 cl cognac

39) Winemaker with raisins

40) Oriental with curry


Fondue supplement

Raw egg      € 1.–

Silver onions and pickles (100 g)      € 2.–

Pickled pineapple (100 g)      € 2.–

Whole mushrooms to pin and stir (10 pieces)      € 3.–

Whole garlic cloves separately (10 pieces)      € 3.–

Raw ham, finely sliced 100 g      € 4.–

from € 149,-

per Person

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