Josef Dietmann

About me, my career, my offers

Most people want a self-determined and happy life and instead feel at the mercy of their private and professional circumstances. This often leads to friction losses at work, in the family or in a partnership. This perception is often accompanied by various emotions such as fear, aggression, sadness or powerlessness. These emotions often have their origins in childhood, in past experiences or in entanglements with the family of origin.

I will help you on your way into your self-empowerment to make peace with yourself and your external circumstances, to develop a different perspective on what is happening outside and to be more mindful of your feelings.


What makes my soul sing:


Being in the forest with the dog, the smell and sound of nature, the fresh good air, beautiful landscapes, the vastness of the mountains, sunsets, looking at the sky, being with horses, slipping into various crazy roles with my family and much more.

Transformation coaching, mindfulness work, spiritual guidance

Transformation session

In a transformation session, we first clarify your concerns or determine your current private and professional life situation. We work through entanglements with your family and family of origin as well as past experiences.

By consciously feeling through the situations again, mostly suppressed feelings from childhood can be accepted and new decisions can be made. This leads to a more positive attitude towards life. You get in touch with your inner child and learn to develop compassion for yourself and others. Through the feeling process you can develop a new perspective on previously based situations and people. You have the opportunity to choose peace with yourself and your loved ones to bring harmony into your life.

Sessions can be held in person at our practice in the Hertzraum, but also via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

Transformational coaching sessions

Starting with your current private and professional situation, I will accompany you to the desired new path in life. We discuss new perspectives and clarify unconscious creations that stand in the way of your desire for change: fears, beliefs, family entanglements, recurring patterns, blockages, etc. We work out the necessary steps to consciously shape your future according to your ideas.

Sessions can be held in person at our practice in the Hertz room, but also via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

Awareness Session and Spiritual Guidance

I accompany you according to your individual needs and wishes.

„The Work“ by Byron Kathie

The "Work" is a method developed by the American Byron Katie to become aware of your often untrue thoughts, to examine them and to arrive at true thoughts. I will accompany you in this process of identifying these untrue thoughts and guide you on how to feel and learn to accept the often very stressful emotions that arise from our thoughts.

I look forward to hearing from you

About me

I am 47 years old, married and have been living with my wife Ute for more than 20 years. We have an 8-year-old daughter Johanna and our dog Fibos from Greece has been accompanying us for some time.

As the 4th male generation in our hotelier family, corporate succession was born to me. After a few years of generational conflict, in 2002 at the age of 28, together with my wife, I took over the hotel independently and expanded it into a modern 4-star seminar and event hotel. The hotel and success came first for me, persevering and fighting were the order of the day. Through a deep fasting process, I came into contact with my feelings for the first time, which I had largely suppressed until then. I recognized my high sensitivity, which I had ignored and rejected. The transformation therapy by Robert Betz and my constant process of becoming aware help me to take more and more responsibility for myself, to transform deep-seated beliefs and family patterns and to accept my feelings.

I have learned to accept my male image as a sensitive and sensitive man and allow myself this important part of my personality, although it is often expected differently in society and in business life. I am developing more and more awareness of my body, my health and my heart and can already recognize what is good for me and where I am still controlled by old patterns. I have found that it makes me happier if I give myself the value I have given myself through a lot of performance and recognition, e.g. as a successor and successful hotelier, with enough space, attention, compassion and understanding and my security and right to exist no longer depends on it.

Today I can appreciate the essential things more and more and the inner struggle "to have & want to achieve" or to act out of a feeling of lack is less. In my long-standing partnership, we have taken many development steps together, we are constantly learning from each other and helping each other to find our own male and female power.



My trainings, my experience

  • My transformation process Robert Betz
  • Training as a coach in transformation therapy according to Robert Betz
  • Training as a business coach in transformation therapy according to Robert Betz
  • Free Spirit Basic Course & Fly - Bruno Würtenberger
  • Regular transformation coaching, constellation work and Feng Shui consultation with Sabine Wegenstein - Enerchi
  • Seminar Shadow Work / Transformational Work, Teal Swan
  • Multi-day seminar Neal Donald Walsh - Conversations with God
  • Multi-day seminars Rollercoaster - The wisdom of the medicine wheel/ Nowhere
  • Seminars Karl Edy: Hóponopono- the magic of forgiveness & who am I, what should I do?
  • Seminar Manfred Mohr - Hoppen, a course in the blessing & self-love seminar
  • Cartomancy seminar with Elfriede Jahn
  • Evening seminar - Your soul plan with Tanja Konstantin
  • Lecture Yasmuheen - Light Food
  • Participation in the Emotion Congress & Healing Congress in Stuttgart
  • Seminar Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Seminar Alex Lloyd - The Healing Code
  • Robert Betz men's seminar, Rüdiger Gosselck
  • Men's seminar, Franz Christian Traxler
  • Various online seminars at Younity, formerly PSI Online
  • Stay at Osho Meditation Resort, Pune - India
  • Regular energy work and sessions with Sussane Blattl
  • Regular meditation sessions with Harry Baumgartner - Shakomar
  • Regular tram formation coaching with Marius Schäfer
  • Systemic constellation work with Serap Kaya
  • Introduction to spirituality, energy & body work with wisdom teacher Hilda Protschka
  • 10-year collaboration with the anthroposophist, artist and spiritual teacher Johannes Matthiessen (deceased) as part of the Spiritpark project weeks
  • More than 20 years of entrepreneurial activity, business and management experience in our own hotel
  • Several years of tourism consulting by Mag. Liegl - Kohl & Partner, previously with Mag. Erwin Berger - Trigon Consulting, Dr. Michael Paula and Barbara Wietasch
  • Seminar "UnternehmerEnergie" – Cay von Fournier
  • Seminar "W(a)hre Herzlichkeit" – Klaus Kobjoll
  • Business seminars with Gerhard Pavlicek C.A.T Communications