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Welcome to our family team

employees at Spirit Park


We treat each other with respect and appreciation

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Fun on the job

We love our jobs

Everyone has a special place in our establishment. We appreciate and respect each other.

These are our core values. Our workers relay their positive attitudes to our guests on a daily basis. Their work is done with a certain charm, openness and ease. For these reasons we carefully select our staff members and let our people skills and a certain gut feeling guide us in finding the best members for our team. It’s important to us that all of our team members identify with and believe in our values. It’s this that enables us to fully trust our staff and allow them to shine and live up to their individual strengths.

Our values

  • Appreciation
  • Warmth
  • Fun while working
  • Willingness to learn
  • Tolerance
  • Thankfulness
  • Individuality
  • Internationality
  • Social engagement
  • Honest
  • Directness and transparency
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Top Training Company For Apprentices

With distinctions such as the “Ausbildertrophy” in 2014 and an array of medals that our apprentices regularly win in competition, we have certainly proven ourselves as an establishment that helps to build and further skilled workers. The decision to do an apprenticeship with us is one that must be well thought out and heartfelt.


An apprenticeship is, after all, a formative experience for a person’s career. We are happy to open our doors to young ,enthusiastic individuals to invite them be part of our daily lives. They are our future. They are our leaders of tomorrow.


Cornelia Schromm-Jenko

Head of Reservations / Conference Sales

Tel: 02252/ 44 511 DW 142


[Translate to English:] Cornelia Schromm, Leitung Reservierung/ Seminarverkauf
[Translate to English:] Michaela Fohringer, Hochzeitsplanung/ Betreuung

Michaela Fohringer

Wedding Planning / Support

Tel: 02252/ 44 511 DW 141



Martin Meixner

Conference Support Management


Eva Lechner conference support management

Irina Filimon




Brigitte Schwaiger

Restaurant Manager



Brigitte Schwaiger
[Translate to English:] Kurt Fel, Küchenchef

Kurt Fel




Dani Muresan

Technical Manager



[Translate to English:] Dani Muresan, Leitung Technik

Annette Ecker

Deputy Hotel Manager