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For a successful event we offer you:


  • 10 seminar rooms with a generous seating capacity, a lot of daylight, modern facilities in various designs as well as numerous worktops for the entire group.


  • Thoughtful and constructive guidance in advance as well as a reliable, flexible assistance on site.


  • • Generous outdoor space surrounded by nature, sun spots and shaded areas, roofed platforms, patios, pavilions for your open-air seminar units, teambuilding activities, team working or outdoor trainings


  • Attractive evening programme to frame your event, e.g. fireside chats in the teepee


  • A consciously light cuisine for lunch and creative breaks with different kinds of sweets and other goodies to stimulate and inspire the mind, as well as a so called „vitality corner“ with a quantity of healthy food.li>


  • Our Spirit Park, the characteristic of our hotel
  • • The 50.000 sqm huge green oasis with its 25 stations is considered a highly effective area for studying and to give seminars. You can gladly embed those stations into your seminar programme free of charge. A wide range of short to extensive exercises for an ideal learning transfer that leads to individual or team perceptions is available. 


  • A bicycle path of Helenental and its hiking-trail network behind the hotel or you can enjoy the jogging path while running.


  • External associates who help support the learning or studying incentives in the park (for example archery etc.)


We are looking forward to attend you!


Trainer service package

Our Trainer service package:


A professional and competent sales team attends to forward all your requirements – a personal trainer check list enables us to respond even more accurately to your desires.


Furthermore we offer a flexible on-the-spot assistance of the seminar to attend to all your desires.


A personal car parking area for the trainers for a stress-free and unwound arrival – your parking space is booked and waiting for you!


An upgrade to a junior suite or a garden design suite


Sondertarife für Massageeinheitenaccording to availability.


Bath robes as well as a small courtesy in the room


A library in the seminar centre with a great quantity of specialised books – choose your favourite book - and we shall make it available to read as soon as you reside with us!


The Spirit Park with its 25 stations for the transfer of learning - simply integrate the prepared exercises into your seminar programme or arrange a seminar to one of the themed routes in the Spirit Park. 


Library – our recommendations

Our recommendation of the month:

Mark Twain’s Autobiography, finally released (2010) - Mark Twain

Thanks to characters such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain has achieved immortality. The author, whose actual civil name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, has untiringly written numerous novels and narratives, travel reports and newspaper articles. He was travelling around the world unrestingly, giving countless lectures and organising readings. There is only one book that the ambitious author with the bushy beard, who was always on the go and who perfectly understood how to merchandise himself and his work, never published while he was still alive: his autobiography. According to the act of disposal the autobiography was not to be published any sooner than 100 years after his death. The big day came in the year 2010 and the “Autobiography” became a great success in the U.S.A. And now the German translation has finally been published, too.

- the 10 latest books:

  1. Burn-out: Wenn die Maske zerbricht: Wie man Überlastung erkennt und neue Wege geht -  Dr. Manfred Nelting

  2. Ich arbeite in einem Irrenhaus: Vom ganz normalen Büroalltag -
    Martin Wehrle

  3. Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Skills for understanding and influencing people - Joseph O´Connor
  4. The Discovery of Slowness - Sten Nadolny
  5. Autobiography of Mark Twain: The Complete and Authoritative Edition, Volume 1 - Mark Twain
  6. Die four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
  7. The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of ExtinctionKollaps oder Evolution – Rebecca D. Costa
  8. Die 10 Gebote für ein gesundes Unternehmen - Cay von Faurnier
  9. Gute Geschäfte - Franz Alt, Peter Spiegel
  10. Loving what is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life - Byron Katie
  11. Virsuoses Marketing - Klaus Kobjoll
  12. Die Notfallapotheke für die Seele Rüdiger Dahlke








































The trainers’ knowledge and expertise are a relevant success factor for a prosperous seminar event.


Therefore it is all the more important for them to feel good and comfortable at the location of the seminar and that their needs are fully understood.


It is of great importance to us to be there for you, to support you, to respond to each of your requirements in a rapid and flexible way and to create a welcoming environment.


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Trainer service package

“There is hardly a more uplifting and glorious feeling than to sense that you are something (special) to other people.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)     » read more

Library – the best specialised books

Here we would like to introduce the latest specialised books to you.
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