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Our team philosophy

The Krainerhütte is a place of development and progress and of personal, individual growth! In order to grow further we need to feel good and comfortable with each other – we have to create a climate that each and every person can effectively develop themselves further in. A climate, where the experienced can help the inexperienced, the stronger can help the weaker and everyone has the possibility to flower out, get involved and is allowed to have their own opinion.


It is a process of give and take in between the members of a team: we operate in very flat hierarchies – each and every one of us can be “up front”, because we believe that each one of us is able to convey something or make an important contribution!




Every person that works here also works for other people at the same time – whether it is the guests or the co-workers, they are working to help them, inspire them or to develop themselves further!


Everyone that works here also works for him- or herself in order to be able to realize their own needs and desires.


Together we have developed clear structures. On the one side these structures leave us enough space for individuality and on the other hand they give us security, because everything is in good working order.

We are all working on this invisible balance and each of us gains something of it.

Thus, everything works out effortlessly and without any loss of friction.


In order to achieve such a balance, everybody needs:


  • A precise commitment – “I’m with you, I’m joining you!“
  • A frank “Yes, we can!“ or “Yes, it is possible“.
  • A personal commitment or obligation.
  • Cordiality and enjoyment in one’s job!


We regard the members of our team as „travel companions“ in the wide range of our philosophy:

Together, from the bottom of our hearts, we give our best to cope with the daily challenges with awareness and attentiveness and to develop a feeling for responsibility towards our fellow men and our beautiful nature!


A very warm welcome to a very special team!








The values within our team


We respect our fellow human beings, nature, the environment, animals, but also material property. Furthermore we treat each other with appreciation and love ; we respect others and see the good in each and every person. There is a common focus which is important to us, but everybody is allowed and able to stay individual within the team.



We think and we act with a sense of cordiality, we perceive our guests and fellow human beings with our hearts, we try to understand them at all times and to respond to them and their wishes. Each and every person should feel welcome and accepted as their very own individual selves, and they should be able to feel good and comfortable!

Here at our hotel cordiality begins with greeting considerately and it is supposed to reflect in our daily actions.


Having fun doing something

With joy and easiness we always try to stay up to date.

We are open minded towards new things, challenge and support each other, try to understand and respect one another, as well as attempting to inspire our co-workers to develop themselves further.

In this manner everybody is able to develop new motivation and can enjoy their occupation. 



Wanting o learn

We are constantly working to make all our products and services a great success for our guests. We reflect upon us again and again to constantly advance ourselves. We regard the guest feedback gratefully as a gift for our own personal growth and development. Due to a good structure we are able to make it possible to pass on our knowledge that we have learnt.

We regard ourselves as a training company for sustainable learning. 




In mutual cooperation, especially with the young people that we educate, we need a lot of patience and tolerance. All our members of the team aim to concern themselves with their co-workers with much devotion and patience. Even though it’s not always easy, together we can manage and by doing so we make our own personal growth and development possible.



By being grateful for every opportunity to learn and to grow, for what we experience and learn, we will be able to cope with difficult situations much better and be able to understand them as learning opportunities and as challenges for practising self-management and for our own further development. Above all that we are grateful for our workplace that we are allowed to work and act at, for the Spirit Park that we can learn from, and for nature, that gives us a lot of energy and vitality.



We have the courage to think laterally, to view and reflect with different aspects, to develop a new consciousness, to question old habits and to condemn routine behavioural and thinking patterns. We are open-minded for changes and curious for what is new, we let our heart lead us and try to detach ourselves from the mainstream developments, to live our own culture.



We like to think ahead, we see ourselves as being cosmopolitan and open-minded for different cultures and lifestyle habits.

Our team is multicultural. We have a lot of fun learning from each other, exchanging experience and to educate ourselves further in this sense. From our international guests we learn new things constantly, we deal with sustainable trends, and we search for and get plenty of innovations by travelling for educational purposes.


Social Commitment

We are interested in the incidents occurring in the world, we are concerned about our fellow human beings and have taken on the task of helping people in need. We have decided to give to others, who need help desperately, from the bottom of our hearts of what we have too much.

In our team exists a social attitude and we promote and support the integration of disadvantaged, underprivileged young people. 


This awaits you at our hotel

The personal further development of our staff members and their individuality with all their strengths and talents are very important to us!

For that purpose we have created clear and effective structures, 

that supports each one of us to grow with each other.


The executive team or the senior management, that carries the responsibility with us, supports every co-worker actively in his or her working and developing process.


We regard ourselves as a training company for young talents and newcomers, we promote, support and challenge our trainees, we arrange for a considerable education and for future career opportunities.



The comfort and well-being of our team members are very dear to us. 

Next to a fair payment and fair working conditions we offer the following auxiliary service:


  • An enterprise that is constantly developing and growing further, with numerous possibilities for a further education and progress, as well as regular training courses.


  • A clearly targeted positioning


  • A top upgraded hotel with the „Nature-into-the-House“ concept


  • Our Spirit Park for your personal, individual further development and with it an associated holistic consciousness


  • Staff meals from the guest buffet (outside of the declared working hours)



  • Cozy staff clubroom with internet access, library, wireless Lan free of charge, staff accomodation at our partner hotels


  • Use of the leisure time activities free of charge (indoor swimming pool, sauna, Nordic walking poles, bicycles) after mutual individual agreement.


  • A special concession for various hotel accommodations, as well as special prices for friends.


  • Regular team functions and outings


  • Health management at the company (with a timeout during the daily routine for sportive activities or massaging units (to a low retained amount of money), as well as back gymnastics.







What we expect of you

Our executive team and we appreciate our co-workers who tend to think ahead and who work independently.


Wide awake and creative with the famous eye for detail!




Whatever happens to be your main task – 

wherever in the house you are located.


We are looking forward to your talents.

Your personality!

This is our foundation.


We will make you competent for becoming great and successful hosts at our side: 

A quantity of assignments, challenges and chances await you, as well as concrete possibilities for your further development – of professional and personal nature!

For we believe both of those belong together.




Everything is flowing; nothing is more constant than change. 

We are a place of progress and of personal growth. If you would like to be part of this, if you would like to contribute, we expect of you the following service in return: 

Profile of Qualifikation:

  • Personal, individual willingness to learn and extra education (for internal further education as well as training courses by external coaches)


  • Being open for honest feedback and review


  • Stand-by duty, according to the working hours of the hotel (working on evenings, weekends, public holidays and working overtime if necessary)


  • Preparedness for personal, individual developement


  • Cordiality in dealing with people


  • Pleasure and interest in your profession

The 5 steps o your accurate appropriate application

  • Send us a comprehensive CV including photo and recommendation from your previous employers.

  • Download the partner analysis and send the completed form via Email, including every piece of information needed, to the particular contact person of the application.

  • After having received all the documents for the application, we will contact you by phone in order to arrange an interview, if applicable.


  • Prepare yourself for our phone conversation and try to hold some possible dates for an interview ready in advance.


  • Make sure you have scheduled enough time (about 1 to 2 hours) for the personal interview on location and please don’t be astonished, if we invite you at the strangest, seemingly most impossible times. For we will invite you at the appropriate working hour according to the position you have applied for. This depends on the particular department and occupation.




  • After a successful interview and a more exact selection we would suggest that you work for us for 2 to 3 days, so called test days , so that we can get to know each other better. Please see to it in advance if this would be possible for you and at what dates and time you could be available.


We thank you very much – The Krainerhütte-team

Team functions

A good cooperation has to be supported and promoted, and good performances have to be rewarded. Therefore we consistently offer outings and events for our staff. Here you can see some highlights:

On Monday, the 27th August 2012, our trainees went on a special trip with Heike Steinmaurer:

At first there was a company viewing of the Chocolate factory Hauswirth After that

they went on a guided tour through the wine cellars of the vineyard estate Weingut Hans & Anita Nitnaus followed by a wine tasting. In the afternoon they visited the bakery Bäckerei Naglreiter and at last they stopped at the “coffee world" Kaffeewelt Schärf in Neusiedl am See.

All of them could gain a lot of new impressions; they were able to experience new things and were educated about the pure “palatal indulgence” of the finest. All in all it was a successful day!


After the great reconstruction in the year 2010 our annual staff Christmas party 2010 took place at the hotel itself. That way the party animals were able to feel as guests at their own company. For having done a magnificent job and the support during that difficult time there was a very special surprise…




The Christmas party 2009 was held in January 2010 at the „Piaristenkeller”. There was a lot of action, joy and laughter. Our staff had some great ideas in order to entertain everybody very well.

Here is the » Photo gallery.


At the carnival we had chosen the theme "Hüttengaudi", meaning “cabin fun”. Sabine was voted as the best fancy dressed person of the carnival 2010 with her outfit „I love Austria”.




 And again one year had passed and it was time for Halloween!!! Klara, the Vampire and Evelyn as Dracula’s bride, won the prize for the most beautiful costumes this year.  
So, that night several guests got the creeps there!





On the 28th of February 2009 the team of the Krainerhütte made up for the Christmas party at the bar "Friends" in the small town Mödling.


Mrs. Ute and Mr. Josef Dietmann thanked everybody for the great cooperation and team work which had led to an award for the hotel in the year 2008, the award for the effort was the 2nd runner up at the vote forLower Austria’s most popular seminar hotels, the "Golden Flipchart Award" 2008.

As a special tasting we had a delicious fresh “Raclette”, which we could prepare for ourselves on hot plates. As a dessert the cook surprised us with a huge “chocolate fountain”, with fresh fruits.


A bit later some of us performed a short play. After that we were allowed to pretend to be hairdressers. While doing that we smeared some whipped cream onto our bosses’ face and made her even more beautiful. Then there were also the nuns of Sister Act to put another cheerful sentiment to the party.  It was a great celebration that we will surely never forget!



Here you can see the » Galery with all the photos.


On November 29th 2008 the trainees of the Krainerhütte, went on a trip together with the family Dietmann, as a reward for having established some quality manuals in all departments.

After a fun ride on the bus, we arrived at our destination, at Zotter, a small chocolate world.

After an informative film of the cocoa bean from Latin Americato the delicious chocolate, we continued walking through the chocolate factory. Liquid chocolate, drinking chocolate and various kinds of unlimited chocolates were allowed to be tasted.


After a lot of sweet stuff, we continued to the distillery and vinegar manufacturer Gölles. After an introduction movie about the manufacturing of good vinegar and Schnaps we were allowed to taste some vinegar. From apple to Schilcher, tomato and raspberry vinegars, up to the sweet Balsamico, there were so many delicious things. As a final note we all got a Schnaps and a liqueur tasting.


After the viewing we went on to the closure. To top the wonderful day off we got a dinner at the inn Wirtshaus Steirereck am Pogusch. Immediately when entering the restaurant the comfortable atmosphere was perceivable.


The in-house cellar was very special, as you were allowed to choose the wine for yourself, as a guest. After the magnificent meal with traditional delicacies, our boys were able to smoke some huge cigars, which had especially been lit by the waiter. After a lot of nice chit chat we went home again.

The outing was very fascinating for our trainees and the far journey was worth it.

Maybe there will be a project for the new trainees as well and a new reward awaits them.  

Here you can see the » Galery with all the photos!


Halloween 2008 was really creepy at the Krainerhütte. All staff members were invited to get dressed up in order to surprise, or rather shock our guests. Within the Krainerhütte team, during a secret selection, the best dressed was voted.  

The best fancy dress was rewarded with a great prize. Under the theme „Trick or treat“ the winner received some delicious goodies in a ceremonial manner.  Marina won the first prize for her original witch costume, with self kneaded nose.


Hot on her heels was Lazi, the 1st runner up, who frightened everybody quite a bit, dressed up as a barman with his self created Bloody Mary.

We have now decided to both be the winners of next year’s competition, because with so much originality there simply have to be at least two winners.


We are looking forward to further creative surprises



Excursion to the zoo Tiergarten Schönbrunn 2006 » Galerie


Exursion to the climbing garden 2007 » Galerie


During our trip to the climbing park we could reinforce our feeling for togetherness, by being able to motivate and encourage each other. After that exhausting day, full of great memories and exciting moments, we stopped for a bite to eat at a restaurant, as a reward.




Our Christmas parties are everything but boring. In the year 2006 we celebrated at the Casino Baden (» Galery) and last year at the tavern called Heurigen Märzweiler (» Galery).


Here the best and most hard working and most creative co-workers are honoured, followed by talking about the goals and possible achievements for the following year and then we celebrate until the next morning.


Team news

Following the motto: You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him/her find it within him- or herself (Galilei Galileo), the Krainerhütte team aims at constantly developing and progressing themselves further.


Thus, the head of service, Gabor Plangar, and the head of house technology Dani Murisan attended the last part of the course of the ÖHVAbteilungsleiter Ausbildung (training for the heads of department) in the previous week and managed to graduate with great success.

The family Dietmann and the entire senior management are very proud of the two committed executive managers, who are now able to put their entire knowledge into daily action. The committed, hard working team aims at establishing the hotel into a training company, where young talents and newcomers will be able to start their careers during an apprenticeship that will take several years.

New election of the staff members of the quarter!

Head of Department:           

Dagmar Karner


Our sales manager Dagmar Karner was voted the Head of Department of the quarter, what makes us very happy. It is her duty to attend to all clients in the forefront, and to question and forward all necessary event and seminar details appropriately. Thanks to her calm, reassuring and competent character she has become an absolute enrichment for our team.

Mit ihrer beruhigenden und souveränen Art ist sie für unser Team eine absolute Bereicherung.  

Her costumer focus, the improvement essence, and her solution oriented attitude are exemplary, as well as her willingness for further education and her sincerity. She is our oasis of tranquillity and sets an example concerning the self-management.




Stephan Jakab


Our deputy head of restaurant, Stephan Jakob, was voted as co-worker of the quarter. He represents not only Gabor, but also takes care of the trainees and their education. He is a pleasant and quiet person, who is popular among his colleagues as well as the trainees. We would like to especially emphasize his team spirit, his comprehensive way of thinking throughout the departments as well as his courage for his innovative ideas of his own. He could score mostly in the selection criteria of acceptance of motivation and feedback, flexibility concerning working hours, sincerity within the team and commitment. His professional skills and his function as a role model are exemplary.





Iryna Lirnychenko


In this first quarter of the year we have nominated our ÖHV trainee Iryna Lirnychenko as the „best trainee“. From February 2013 to August 2013 Iryna is going to filter all departments of the hotel in order to get to know everything. We would like to especially emphasize, that she carries out her job reliably, quietly and consequently. Furthermore she can be employed flexibly in different departments of the hotel. She has a keen perception, managed to eliminate her initial language difficulties perfectly well, she shows interest and commitment, is always friendly and takes challenges and suggestions serious.


We are happy for you and can only say, keep it up!

Family Dietmann and the Krainerhütten team!

Our team philosophy

If you want to go fast, you walk alone. But if you want to go far then go with others. (African saying)


We invite you to join us.

Take the path of the heart and your personal individual growth together with us.

A very warm welcome to a positive working climate, with a very special team!


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The values within our team

The ability to talk to each other makes us human. (Karl Jaspers)


A shared language and a common focus are the foundation of every functioning communication and organisation.


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» Appreciation

» Cordiality

» Having fun doing something

» Wanting to learn

» Tolerance

» Gratitude

» Differentness

» Internationality

» Social Commitment

This awaits you at our hotel

„Promoting the uniqueness of the staff members appropriately, supplies every company with uniqueness“ (Rudolf Mann)


It is very important to us to create an environment for our staff members in order to promote their further economic development, to be able to dignify their performances as well as making their personal progress possible.


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What we expect of you

You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him/her find it within him- or herself. (Galileo Galilei) 


Have you discovered your talents within yourself?

We open our doors for committed and motivated people who are compatible with us and who aim to make a difference for us and for themselves!    

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Jobs & Application

To make an ideal foundation for a great teamwork or cooperation possible, we have developed a few steps, how to appropriately apply for a job at our hotel.


In this manner you provide us a comprehensive insight into your hitherto existing career and experience and with it we can make sure whether we are compatible in advance.


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» Job vacancy

» Partner anylysis for professionals (PDF)

» Partner analysis for trainees (PDF)

Team functions

» to the team events


Application and Team questions: 


Josef Dietmann

Tel: 02252 44511 


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