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Park Concept

Inspired by the wisdom of the indigenous people, some of their knowledge has been integrated for designing the landscape park and its adventure stations. This is how the learning transfer stations were developed, which qualify excellently to realise creative potentials and experiences, to define bridges, to find corporate goals or philosophies and to gain realizations about your own strengths and weaknesses, which mean a lot both privately as well as professionally. 25 stations are at your disposal, free of charge and uninterruptedly.



 We have developed a large repertoire of simple and thrilling exercises to complicated, complex theme trails for you to try out. 

Groups as well as individuals have the possibility to visit all places or just selected spots, as you choose. 


The 360° pictures and the film about the seminar park give you the opportunity to let the stations of the park take effect on you.


The park invites every guest, every group, everybody who comes to us to find what he or she needs and requires at that exact moment: Peace and harmony, perception of nature or self- awareness, group dynamics or memorable moments at celebrations or evening programmes.


With our Spirit Park we would like to question or scrutinize the simple and upright way of thinking, to indicate a new consciousness and awareness, to allow inspirations and to demonstrate the relationship between the humans and nature.



Enjoy an extensive walk along the Spirit Park with the gentle nature in the background, green hills and the lovely sunsets, definitely worth seeing!

We are glad to hand you your own personal map of the countryside!

Park Stations

Make a journey.


With or -even more spontaneously- without concrete preparations,

with or without a clear idea or a defined destination.


Especially: without any expectations!


Stay open minded, curious and attentive –

towards yourself and nature.


Listen to your inner voice, - can you hear it?


What thoughts cross your mind immediately and uncalled right at this moment?

What do you suddenly feel - familiar feelings… or maybe new feelings?

Observe yourself attentively, full of ease, unprejudiced.


How are you feeling?


We gladly give you everything you require, 

to experience the Spirit Park at your own desire.


Contact us.

Your personal map of the park has already been prepared.

Utilization Scenarios


You would like to come to us as a trainer,

seminar or incentive participant?

Then it’s all about the learning transfer at the seminar park. , for example. 

The contents skilled in the seminar room can now be realized and put into practice outdoors, in the freedom of nature, at the varied stations. 

From the balance beams to the strengthening of the team spirit up to Jacob’s ladder, with its 7 levels of development, the programme can be individually assorted.


We have elaborated 3 theme trails in different degrees of intensity, which are supposed to support your seminars perfectly for a better achievement of your results. Choose between the business course, the 7 steps to personality development or the 7 steps to attentiveness. Depending on the level of development of your group, you can choose the appropriate course, from simply comprehensible to profoundly. 


Above all that we offer numerous supportive learning modules:

Every exercise, regardless whether it is meant for the group or for your personal individuality, or every supportive learning module is always adapted to the purpose of the seminar. For example archery supports the mental realization of conditions, like the achievement of sales goals, which is perfect for your sales seminar. Get some information about the bookable modules – we gladly advise you.


Consciously experiencing for myself:

You would like to free your mind, forget about all your worries or obtain realizations for your own self?


Due to the daily pressure and burdens we often forget that next to our dissatisfaction & the stress that seems to become more and more each day, there exists also pure lust for life and vitality within each one of us.


Everybody has it within themselves and only has to revive it.


Beautiful spots directly at the stream, lying in the hammocks underneath the shade of the ancient trees are awaiting you.


On snug summer evenings you can experience breathtaking sunsets.


Become aware of that, move into the here and now.


The learning transfer stations with their text signs invite you to deal with your inner life and to obtain some new realizations. 


Choose for yourself what is convenient for you at this very moment.

Spirit Park Theme Trails

Each one of the trails approaches body, mind and soul at different levels, with each exercise of the particular subject matter with respectively different emphases and partly unpredictable results and realizations.


From our sales team you will receive everything you require in a short period of time, in order to select the appropriate exercises for your group.

Every folder containing information about the Spirit Park theme trails obtains an exact description of the exercises for you as a trainer or a supervisor, as well as fields for making special notes for your participants. (Folders are being elaborated as we speak)


Each of the 3 theme trails


7 steps to be successful in your business


7 steps to reach personality in the business


7 steps to attentiveness in the business


will always be individually adapted to the purpose of the seminar. 


Speak to us.

We gladly advise you!

Park Concept

In the middle of nature mankind discovers himself – as the co-creator - and nature recognizes itself in mankind. (Johannes Matthiessen)

In cooperation with the „landscape healer“, Johannes Matthiessen & the family Dietmann, a beautiful park scenery has arisen. 

The 50.000 sqm huge green oasis with its 25 stations has consistently emerged as a highly effective seminar, learning and transformation park!  » read more

Park Stations

In the middle of the world crises, which will also be responsible for the gigantic change of our way of living in the future, more and more people discover that there are also other, different worlds than only those visible to the eye.

» read more

Utilization Scenarios

Experiencing – Conceiving – Perceiving: Now what exactly can you do in the Spirit Park?

» read more

Spirit Park Theme Trails

3 theme trails at different intensity levels are at your disposal to recess your personal subject matter of the seminar by the use of the Spirit Park!

Each of those 3 trails with their alternatives was developed for modern thinking decision makers and their teams.    » read more

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