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Golden Flipchart

Award received in spite of construction activity: The Seminar and Event Hotel Krainerhütte became the vice state winner among the best conference hotels of Lower Austria. 


2. Platz beim goldenen Flipchart 2011 - Seminar- & Eventhotel Krainerhuette Baden bei Wien


The impact of the new reconstruction and the modification of the seminar location in the Helenental near Baden was without a doubt an uncertain component when it came to answering the question: How are the guests going to evaluate the Krainerhütte this year? On November 21st the team around the Seminar and Event Hotel was able to breathe a sigh of relief. In the course of the “Golden Flipchart Award” where the best seminar hotels of each Austrian federal state were nominated, the Krainerhütte was able to receive the prize as the 1st Runner-Up. 

The renowned award was bestowed by the independent sector platform „Tagen in Österreich“ (meaning: ‘Conventions in Austria’) – which is the guide and sign post through the entire Austrian seminar hotel industry as well as through the convention centres scenery. Austria’s incorruptible ranking is the result of an evaluation of about 8.000 questionnaires which had been completed by the trainers, the human resource managers as well as the seminar participants. This honour has already been taking place for the 22nd time and the conclusion of the evaluation, which was anticipated with great suspense, was presented by Thomas Wolfsegger, the editor of “Tagen in Österreich” (meaning: ‘Conventions in Austria’).


Seminar- & Eventhotel Krainerhuette Baden bei Wien


This year’s award illustrated the Seminar and Event Hotel Krainerhütte as a radiant fixed star in the “Golden Flipchart’s sky”. Nevertheless being voted the second best seminar hotel of Lower Austria is a very special honour, considering the background of the construction and refurbishment. Thus, this year’s investments as well as the commitment have thereby been rewarded – which is a huge acknowledgement for all the efforts the Krainerhütte has undertaken for the national as well as the international seminar guests. 

In the meantime the modification has been completed and the hotel in the Helenental presents itself with a new and fresh look. The core of the new image is the “Nature-into-the-house” conception. Those of you, who can’t really imagine what is meant by this concept just yet, will be stunned when entering the Krainerhütte and your eyes and mind will surely be opened then: huge picture-windows and the large panorama terrace grant you a great, beautiful view of nature. Natural materials and original details such as huge, over-sized blades of grass in the restaurant as well as floral ornaments on all the seat components emphasize this unique idea.


Seminar- & Eventhotel Krainerhuette Baden bei Wien


Outside becomes inside and inside becomes outside. In this connection nature was recaptured in a special way and then architecturally elaborated and structured. The new light-flooded seminar rooms are letting us literally “breathe again”, too. On the whole the Krainerhütte has experienced a transformation that creates a relaxed atmosphere, improves the level of concentration – and supports the seminar participants to relive the learning contents, to conceive and comprehend and to feel. 

Experiencing, conceiving and perceiving – this philosophy of the ideal learning transfer can be implemented in the 50.000 sqm huge seminar park with more than 20 theme stations. 
„Green Meeting“ receives a whole new dimension: with the forces of nature the mind is being decelerated so that it can open up to some new knowledge. The combination of recreation and learning helps to internalize your newly acquired skills and not forgetting them again after a short while.

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