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Krainerhütte HotelbetriebsgmbH & Co KG
(Hotel business with a limited partnership with a limited
liability company as general partner)

Limited partnership

Seminar- & Event Hotel

UID-Nr: ATU55483603

Registration Number: 227368s

FB-court: Regional court Wr. Neustadt

Registered office: 2532 Heiligenkreuz , Helenental 41 Austria

Tel: +43 2252 44511

Fax: +43 2252 44514

Email: office@krainerhuette.at

Member of the WKÖ (The Federal Chamber of Economy Austria, WKNÖ (The Federal Chamber of Economy Lower Austria, Innung Fachgruppe Hotelerie (Associated Professional Group for the Hotel Industry)

Professional regulation:

Trade regulations: www.ris.bka.gv.at

District Authority Baden

Licensed company, concession exam taken in Austria

Personally liable shareholder:

Krainerhütte HotelbetriebsgmbH (Hotel business Ltd.)

Registered office: 2532 Heiligenkreuz, Helenental 41

FN: 227368s

FB-Gericht:Landesgericht Wr. Neustadt

[Director: Josef Dietmann]

[Limited partnership Josef Dietmann (100%)]

[Our concern: Information about wood processing]