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Pictures & Sculptures

The Krainerhüttel presents a generously distributed exhibition space for several works of art made by artists, who have established those in a fascinating, auto-didactical way, constantly self-processing anew! 


Open your eyes and mind and discover the art, while touring and exploring our hotel.



What effect do the images have on you? p>

And what is it like in the mornings or in the evenings?

Every piece of art is something special and invites the beholder to bond with the image.

Beside the pictures you will find several other works of art in various public sectors of our hotel.



We would like to invite everybody, who loves doing something creative, to be constructive at our hotel on particularly announced weekends. We assure you to find the ideal conditions here at our hotel to be creative, even if you still have to learn the right technique. 

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Pictures & Sculptures

Some beauty of this world is being isolated, but it is the mind that is to discover the alliances and through this to create works of art. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)     

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» Interactive map with 360° pictures of the park

» Interactive map with a film of the park

» Video advertisement for Lower Austria on the occasion of the Lower Austrian Tourism Award 2012