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All about us

Our 4-star hotel situated only 7 kilometres away from Baden, only about 25 kilometres far from Vienna and merely a 35 minute drive from the International Airport of Vienna ,offers you a quantity of professional seminar facilities in combination with our “Nature-Into-The-House” conception.


Fashionable panoramic seminar rooms equipped with modern technology (WLAN, air conditioning), generous and spacious communal areas, a sophisticated and top class restaurant  with huge panoramic glass walls and an international and national cuisine, elegantly and tastefully equipped rooms, comfortably furnished with your well-being in mind (72 rooms, 130 beds), a small wellness area with an indoor swimming pool and a panorama sauna, as well as individual terraces  – all of this invites you to relax and unwind from the hectic pace of daily life.



Regardless of what your travelling reasons are- whether you are a seminar, a business, an event guest or an individual traveller, here at our hotel you can stock up and regain some new vitality and the pleasures of life while visiting the biosphere reserve “Wienerwald”.
From our hotel you can enjoy the view of the unlimited green scenery that will open your heart. This will free your mind, new energy and vitality will start flowing through your body which will allow you to create new inspiring thoughts.

sincere and friendly team  welcomes you and provides everything for your comfort and well-being with a lot of joy and commitment, with affectionately prepared social programmes for unforgettable moments during your stay.


With its new bicycle route the Helenental qualifies for a considerable programme of activities like for example going for a walk, Nordic walking or making extensive hiking tours, bicycle and mountain bike tours. You will also find the running track called “Laufend genießen” (meaning “enjoy while running”, though “laufend” also means “continuously”, so could be a word game meaning something like “enjoying continuously”), which is situated directly behind the hotel.

Situated directly in the 50.000 sqm green area, with a quantity of outdoor working space for groups, you will find the Spirit Park, that invites you to gather valuable knowledge and experience which you can take home and into your company for a fresh motivation.

A very warm and sincere welcome to a place, where you will find such a quantity of beautiful things available, where you will meet interesting people that can exchange and share their experiences and learn from one another.



Even though we are confronted with various crises within our society, and although the profit orientation of the humans is causing a systematic exploitation of mankind and nature, and despite the fact that success and pressure to perform hardly leave us any time for ourselves and interpersonal relationships, but in spite of all those facts, life still has so many beautiful things to offer us.


We just have to discover its beauty and learn to rejoice in it again!


With a great appreciation and thankfulness we view nature as our mentor for a new awareness and we have realized that we are allowed to work at a location which offers us everything that we need to let us go through life positively and determinedly.


We regard our location with its oasis of well-being as our contribution to us humans, our nature and the next generation, a place that you can escape to from the daily hectic and regain your energy from nature. Due to this revitalization, new energy of life is regained and at the same time attentiveness for nature can be created.


Next to the customer-oriented service and gastronomy, which seems to be natural for the guests nowadays, it is very important to us, as a seminar hotel, to look after our guests with all our heart and give them the feeling that we regard them as human beings.


We view ourselves as being unobtrusive and discreet hosts with the right portion of attentiveness to an individual and personal assistance and with an expertise centre for successful functions and events.


With our Spirit Park we would like to inspire people to find their inner peace again, to question their own inner attitude and their values and to open up to new perspectives.


In further contend it is the attempt of our enterprise to provide for sustainable investments and for social commitments.


The Krainerhütte is a place where people in the business community come across Non-Profit-Organisations and they are supposed to interact and exchange information with each other. It is a platform for a new consciousness and sustainable learning.

Our corporate visions and values


We respect our fellow human beings, nature, the environment, animals, but also material property. Furthermore we treat each other with appreciation and love; we respect others and see the good in each and every person.



We think and we act with a sense of cordiality, we perceive our guests and fellow human beings with our hearts, we try to understand them at all times and to respond to them and their wishes. Each and every person should feel welcome and accepted as their own individual selves, and they should be able to feel good and comfortable!


Having fun doing something

With joy and easiness we always try to stay up to date.


Wanting to learn

We are constantly working to make all our products and service a great success for our guests. We reflect upon us again and again to constantly advance ourselves. We regard the guest feedback gratefully as a gift for our own personal growth and development.



We consider ourselves as an educational or training company for young emerging talents and we enjoy helping young people with their further development, with a lot of patience and tolerance.



We are grateful to be able to work and act at such a beautiful and magnificent place. Nature supplied us so abundantly with energy, vitality and lust for life; we gain so much strength from nature, for our daily life. In special gratitude we respect nature and we try to give it back what it has given to us, in order to preserve its beauty.



We have the courage to think laterally, to view and reflect with different aspects, to develop a new consciousness, to question old habits and to condemn routine behavioural and thinking patterns. We are open-minded for changes and curious for what is new, we let our heart lead us and try to detach ourselves from the mainstream developments, to live our own culture.



We like to think ahead, we see ourselves as being cosmopolitan and open-minded for different cultures and lifestyle habits. Our team is multicultural. We have a lot of fun learning from each other, exchanging experience and to educate ourselves further in this sense. From our international guests we learn new things constantly, we deal with current trends, and we search for and get plenty of innovations by travelling for educational purposes.


Social Commitment

We are interested in the incidents occurring in the world, we are concerned about our fellow human beings and have taken on the task of helping people in need.


We cooperate with associates to assure disadvantaged, underprivileged young people or youngsters with special needs, a (work) place for integration in our enterprise. It is very dear to us to guarantee young people a good and promising education, to help them gain a positive attitude on the way and to help them attain their personal growth.


We pursuit new projects every year which help different people and ventures.

We work hard to earn money which we can pass on reasonably.

Our thoughts behind this are: We give to others, who need help desperately, from the bottom of our hearts of what we have too much.


Follow us into our concrete projects, which we are involved in. That is a start.


Japanese Red Cross

We donate 1 Euro per full board residential. The Austrian Red Cross will pass the received donation on reliably.


People in Motion (MiB Menschen in Bewegung

The epilepsy self-help group of parents’ initiative for children with this disease (EIAK Elterninitiative Anfallkranker Kinder und Jugendlicher) has received a sponsor package. On September 4th 2011 banners for the BE Different Day have been installed.




AWD Foundation

We pass on donations in kind from our own ranks. Maybe you would like to write to us in our blog if you are also involved in something similar? We are looking forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer!



Ecological Commitment

Being situated in the living area of the Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald, one of the UNESCO’s internationally honoured model regions for sustainable living, economic activity, education and research, we accept as our mission or even duty to act appropriately and sustainably. 


Accepted as an official Green Meeting associate we, together with our distributor, support the Green Meeting criteria, among others, in the seminar range. We know what we are talking about, because long before the term “Green Meeting” was invented, our seminar guests had already used the possibilities to hold their meeting outdoors, directly in the green – in the pavilions, on the bridge across the river “Schwechat”, on the meadow or on the cosy “Fairytale square”.



Even the building technique of the modification and extension of the new Krainerhütte is characterized from numerous resource-friendly investments, which have paid off in spite of the high costs compared to the conventional technologies. This modern building technique will have an even greater impact in the future.


It all starts with consciousness and with this awareness everything continues! Whether you decide on a walk through the Spirit Park, an adventure in one of the stations or a moving moment outside in the Helenental – mostly these are just short, green moments, a breeze of a perception, which reinforces and arises the green way of thinking within your own sphere of influence!




Blog with us – we are looking forward to a „green“exchange of information!

All about us

It is the lives that we encounter that make life worth living! (Guy de Maupassant)

A very warm welcome from the Krainerhütte, a place of encounters, of development, a place of togetherness.

We are delighted to be your attentive hosts. Experience, seize and discover - explore with us in a new and different way - inside and out!  » read more



Our unique location in the center of a magnificent outdoor setting is a natural fit for our adjacent Spirit Park. The Krainerhütte is a very special place that has inspired us - together with our entire team - to make a meaningful difference in the lives of humans, to preserve and enjoy nature, and to pass this on the coming generations.  » read more


Our unique location in the center of a magnificent outdoor setting is a natural fit for our adjacent Spirit Park. The Krainerhütte is a very special place that has inspired us - together with our entire team - to make a meaningful difference in the lives of humans, to preserve and enjoy nature, and to pass this on the coming generations.  » read more

Our corporate visions and values

Caring Corporate Values

A corporate structure is either created consciously or it simply happens unconsciously. At Krainerhütte , we’ve chosen to promote and foster these shared human values:


» Appreciation 
» Cordiality
» Having fun doing something
» Wanting to learn
» Tolerance
» Gratitude
» Differentness
» Internationality
» Social Commitment

» Ecological commitment

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