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With direct access from the Spirit Park, opposite our Sun and restaurant terraces, a timber bridge leads to very well described hiking and walking paths and bicycle tracks, all in the living area of the Bisosphere Reserve Wienerwald!




Many guests love the extraordinary running possibilities of the area, which lead to the town Baden near Vienna or the other way round into the wilderness. From an easy warm up along our park tracks until you reach the wide-ranging area – there is something for everyone. The cyclists have not been forgotten either. Whether you prefer the mountain bike or the E-bike, in the Helenental you will find appealing routes for people who are very keen on sports, as well as for families or older people.




Starting directly at the Krainerhütte, we offer different kinds of in-house rental sport equipments (e.g. Nordic walking poles or bicycles) – we will gladly give you some great advice on what tours we would suggest for your pleasure and performance requirements.


Social programmes for your function:

Our 50.000 sqm green areal and the surrounding scenery of nature offer plenty of space for exciting activities such as Qi Gong, hiking, walking on fire, sportive Olympics and many more). Tell us your desires and we will gladly advise and support you!



Activity & Deceleration:

For those of you who would like to just relaxand unwind next to being active, you will find at your disposal some cosy and snug spots alongside the little stream called „Schwechat“ or in the Spirit Park. There you can read a good book, watch the sun rising or setting; listen to the chirping of the birds or the croaking of the frogs. All of these are magnificent rituals to free your mind and to get rid of all kinds of every day problems and troubles. 


During summer time, as an insider’s tip, you can enjoy the numerous ecological swimming possibilities, alongside the stream “Schwechat” throughout the entire Helenetal region, as well as a private access to a part of the stream in our Spirit Park.


Just tell us – 

We will contemporarily find and organise the perfect stay and the right activities for you.

Pleasure of Nature and Sportive Activities!

  • Experiencing the park consciouslyben 


  • Going for walks and hiking


  • Nordic Walking



  • Cycling & Mountain biking


  • Campfire with musical instruments & drums


  • Campfire in the Tepee


  • Night walks in the park

  • Exploring the waterways


  • Indoor swimming pool, sauna


  • Massaging


  • Just lazing around in the middle of nature


Further activities:


  • Fußball
  • Volleyball
  • (Field) Hockey
  • Pedalos
  • Billiard
  • Table tennis
  • Tabletop football
  • Dart machine
  • Karaoke video games


Incentive Programmes

  • Bow and Arrow shooting with a professional rifleman


  • Asphalt curling on our 32m long alley,


  • Kett-car Rallye


  • Segway track


  • Active break with brain-moves and yoga


  •  Wine tasting during a walk with luminous lanterns to the grotto


  • Skilfulness workshop with Daniel Morelli


  • Creative workshop – sculpting or acryl painting


  • Skeet shooting


  • Rock climbing trial course at the climbing school Peilstein


  • Fairy tale hikes


  • Expressive dance to the themes of the elements fire-earth-water-air


  • Darts tournament with dart machines


Core Zone Helenental & Hoher Lindkogel

The core zone Helenental starts 2 kilometers on the East side of our hotel at the so called Cholerakapelle (chapel of cholera) and has become a popular hiking and excursion destination due to its various types of forests and its road network of different ascending slopes.

Directly behind our hotel you will reach numerous hiking or walking paths.




Open your eyes: 

Do you see the colony of grey herons, the kingfishers or the fire salamanders?


Our suggestion before you have your breakfast:

An early morning round in the fresh nature – observe and feel how different and gentle such an awakening can be!


Our suggestion at the end of a successful day:

Watch how the bats fly past you without making a noise during a walk at dawn. Listen to the last evening call of the birds as the sun goes down, or look at the ancient tress, which are partly hundreds of years old.




The new Helenental cycling track is directly connected with the cycling road network of the „Wiener Neustädterkanal” and “Triestingtalweg” (both streams)!


One more suggestion: 

Take along some imaginary exercises from the Spirit Park and experience how the exact same path seems different each time you have changed your inner perspective.


The Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald

The Biosphere Park Wienerwald protects nature where living areas and species need protection. At the same time theBiosphereParkis the „engine“ for a responsible economic activity and conscious acting, so that the liveable region can develop itself further sustainably.


Nature, culture, economy and education are the towers of diversity in the Wienerwald (VienneseForest).


What does our Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald stand for?

Look forward to...


  • a diversity of hiking paths & mountain bike routes
  • a nature reserve with the high „Lindkogel“ and numerous nature tours  
  • the wine route, events around the topic wine, open cellar doors, cultivated viticulture, wine festivals in July and August, tastings of the fresh grapes and of the fresh wine- the so called “Sturm” (a very fresh and strong wine, made of fresh grapes at the end of summer/beginning of autumn), the “Traubenkurwochen” in autumn in Baden and in the surroundings of the thermal spring region (meaning to cure yourself with fresh grapes and purify your body in that way during the so called “grape cure weeks”)
  • preserved places like for example „Gumpoldskirchen“
  • Baroque monasteries, hunting lodges...


What interests you the most? We will gladly advise you.


Living means moving and moving means living!

Here at our hotel you can combine it all: pure deceleration and activity, enjoying nature and sportive programmes! 

Take advantage of the various possibilities across our house!    » read more

Pleasure of Nature and Sportive Activities!

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Incentive Programmes

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Core zone Helenental & Hoher Lindkogel

Core zones are the jewels of nature for breathtaking moments with an originally preserved flora and fauna, which you can relive respectfully in all facets. You can start directly behind our park bridge. » read more

» Hoher Lindkogel (PDF)

The Biosphere Reserve Wienerwald

The Krainerhütte is situated directly at the UNESCO living area Biosphere Park Wienerwald. Just a few steps across our idyllic timber bridge alongside the little stream „Schwechat“ and already you will find yourself in the middle of the large road network. 

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Nature Tours

Collect some further suggestions and motivations and click yourselves through our suggestions for great tours and trips!

You will find several small insider tips at a lot of spots on the tours.

Special highlights have been marked and short comments have been added.

Rejoice yourself with the amazing surroundings all around the Krainerhütte!

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